Thursday, May 26, 2011

Smithsonian National Zoo

Yesterday I met my friend Nicolette at the Smithsonian National Zoo! Ah, I love that place. I've been going there my entire life and it's still as exciting as ever to go there. My sister and her boyfriend skipped school to come with me, my other sister, and my mother. Although, Nicolette and I went off on our own; we were just
every one's excuse to come.

Anyway, there's an eagle statue I've taken a picture with every time I go there. So, of course, I had to get one yesterday! See!

I warned Nicolette about my fear of birds and butterflies, and I asked her if she would be okay with skipping them. I can't stand the bird house! Birds flying around in an enclosed space scares me... Along with being stuck in a room with butterflies. If any of them were to touch me I swear I'd have a meltdown.  Usually my family goes in and leaves me to sit outside... Thankfully I did not have to deal with them this time.

A little while after we arrived we decided to consult a map and see what animals we should check out next. A man came up and asked if we needed directions, and he then suggested we go see the lion cubs. So that's where we went! They were great! I got some great photos of them! Check it out!

My mom has this sweet camera with an incredible lens (Don't ask me details about it, though. I am clueless.) So I'm able to get close up photos. And those lions were happy to give me some nice photos.
The elephants had a great new enclosure! It's not even finished yet. It's huge, though! We saw enough animals that I will not be naming them all, but I'll show off some of the other pictures I particularly like and tell you about them.

The  pandas were chowing down on that bamboo. They were facing the glass and devouring their food, and giving me good photos! How sweet of them, right? They look so cozy. I want to hug one. And I am not an animal person. At all. I am afraid of most animals. They tend to freak me out. I seem to have a lot of fears.

Check out this gray back! I thought he was pretty cool. There was also a baby gorilla, but I was unable to get any decent photos of him. Last year a got plenty of him, so I decided it was okay that I didn't spend time attempting to get anything good of him.

I had a wonderful trip and I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I do! (admit it, they're really cool!)


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