Friday, June 1, 2012

Almost time for BEA!

Heh, I'm so completely excited for BookExpo America! It's almost here! I'm leaving for NYC to stay with my cousin and her husband tomorrow afternoon. I'll be there from Saturday to Saturday. I'm intending on visiting The Strand, attending Teen Author Carnival, Blogger Conference, the Children and Young Adult Author Breakfast on Wednesday, and all the rest of BEA amazingness.

I'm beginning to feel pretty prepared for my first time at BEA. I got new shoes that are very comfortable, I got a new small bag for just the essentials, and I made business cards. However, I'm still on the fence about whether or not I should take an empty suitcase with me to hold my books in while I'm running around BEA. What do you think? Empty suitcase or not? It would be such a hassle to throw everything out of my bag for the day, and it would be possibly even more of a hassle to take an entire nother suitcase. What to do!

I'm going all by myself, and I'm hoping to make tons and tons of friends while there. Let me know if you're attending. I'd love to meet you! Comment on here, email me, or twitter me. I have chin length brown hair, and I'm 5'5. Here's some pictures of me, so come say hi if you see me around!


  1. Ah what kind of shoes did you get?! I'm so stuck :(

  2. BEA is going to be awesome! I will definitely say hi if I see you!

  3. I can't believe you are there!!! So super psyched for you. Send me a full report when you get back.

  4. Hi Aliya! This is Bekka from Pretty Deadly Reviews. We met in the Victoria Schwab line this morning. Just stopping by to say hi :D

  5. Aliyah!! nice to see you here! =D Im so glad I found you! wooohoooo!! Hwever, it is not the first time I stop by here =D I follow your blog since I have no idea when XDDD
    We probably talked before and commented on each others' blog before even meeting at BEA :)

    So nice to see you girl!

    Have a great weekend!

    Im back in Montrela btw.
    Take care!