Friday, May 17, 2013

Summer has Arrived

Hello! The school year is over once again. I had my last final yesterday.

The Tuscarora Review is the art magazine I was co-editor of this semester
I feel awful guilty for abandoning my blog and blogger friends for the past year. I have had an amazing year. School has been so much fun, my grades have been great, I got into Phi Theta Kappa national honors society, I got into the honors college at my school, I was the president of film club, I have been nominated for the Slater Award for the best honors research paper on campus, I was co-editor of the art magazine, I had a short story in the art magazine, I am making a website to publish honors projects for my college this summer as an honors independent study, and I fell in love. Unfortunately, the man I fell in love with broke up with me this week. Yes, it was during finals. He was my first serious boyfriend, and I'm having a very hard time dealing with this breakup. I still only have sweet things to say about him.

For the first time, I was forced to read classics. I typically only read new YA books as they come out, but I took American Literature this semester. It was fantastic! I now love classics as well as modern books. I read The Great Gatsby for the first time just in time for the release of the movie. 

Tomorrow I intend on attending the Gaithersburg Book Festival. Maggie Stiefvater, Adele Griffin, and Jessica Spotswood will all be there! I haven't been to a book event since BEA.

Speaking of BEA, I am really upset that I will not be making it to that incredible week in New York City this year. I receive the emails from BEA. They are taunting me. I would be able to go, but I do not think that it's fair. I haven't been blogging AT ALL this year. BEA was probably the best experience of my life thus far, but I would feel like I was cheating if I attended. I would be cheating. I haven't been a blogger this year. Someday I'll go again. I might stick to blogging and go next year, or I might attend it for business next time. I know that blogging is business for a lot of people, but it was just fun for me. The most satisfying fun. I will attend it again and many more book events. After all, I do intend on going into the publication of books. 

I have decided on a four-year college that I wish to attend once I get my associates degree at my community college. St. Mary's College of Maryland. It is an all honors college on the coast of Maryland. The more I look into St. Mary's, the more I want to go there. The more I look into any other college, the less I want to attend them. 

I'm not sure what to do with myself now that school is over and summer is here. I was excited to spend the summer with my boyfriend, but now I don't know what to do. I applied for a job at Barnes and Noble. I want a job with books, but I also applied for receptionist jobs. I DO NOT want to work in retail or at a restaurant. I feel very lost right now. It hasn't even been a week. I'm not sure how to get over him. I'm trying to figure out how to be okay again.

I'm hoping this post will kick me back into shape! I want to be an enthusiastic blogger! I want to post frequently! You can yell at me if I don't post anything within the next couple days.


  1. Good job at school! I know what its like. I'm in college too and it takes up a lot of my time. I have no idea how others get the chance to blog so much during the year.

    I'm sad that you won't be at BEA this year :( But you seem like a great girl and even though breakups are hard, it'll get better.

    Happy reading! I'm excited to see what you blog :)

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