Thursday, July 21, 2011

Review: Witches of East End

Title: Witches of East End
Author: Melissa de la Cruz
Release Date: 21 Jun. 2011
Publisher: Hyperion
Pages: 288
Rated: Lovable
ARC recieved from Yani at The Secret Life of an Avid Reader

My Synopsis

Freya, Ingrid, and Joanna are witches. They have been restricted from using their powers ever since the Salem witch trials. Joanna's son was taken from her, and Ingrid and Freya, Joanna's other children, were accused of witchcraft. They each specialize in a particular form of magic. Joanna has great healing powers, Ingrid is a seer, and Freya concocts potions. In their current lives Freya is engaged to Bran and attempting to fight her attraction to his brother Killian. Ingrid is a librarian and dealing with her first crush. Joanna, after missing her little boy for so long, has Tyler, a little boy around to dote on. After following the rules for so long they slowly start practicing magic again. Suddenly there are strange deaths occurring and people are going missing in their usually quiet town. All fingers point to the girls, who are openly using magic. If it wasn't the girls, than who, or what, is causing choas in their town?

My Thoughts

I found this book to be an enjoyable read. I got sucked into the great mystery of who was killing people, why were people sick, and what was polluting the water. Each women had a love story. Freya's was hot and intense, Ingrid's was a quiet longing, and Joanna's... Well, I'm not certain what to say about her and her husband.  There are so many different myths and creatures, and the thought of them all existing completely separate from each other, but all there, really appeals to me. There was even a visit from a few Blue Bloods characters! I've been a Blue Bloods fan since book one came out.

Their family struggles were great. Each of the girls ran their individual lives, not clinging to the others, but showed support for each other when needed. Freya was the wild child and full of love, and she created wonderful drinks and food. She is one of those characters who can do awful things and you still love them. All the characters were lovable. I'm attached to this new batch of characters. I'm afraid I might give something away if I talk about the boys. I'll skip them. I like how the town is well developed and we got to see many different characters flit in the way people always do in real life. The town itself is unique. An off the map kind of place that feels homey.

I wish there would have been more about their familiars. Ingrid's griffin, Oscar, sounded cool, and I assumed she would have been closer to him. I don't even know how Melissa could have incorporated the familiars into the story more, but I'm curious about them and barely heard from them.

I don't remember who wrote it, but I read a review of this book before starting is myself. The person pointed out the hype on them not practicing magic, but when they broke the rules they were barely worried and there were no consequences. I almost wish I hadn't read that because I doubt I would have noticed it otherwise. The entire time I read the book what that person said kept popping into my head.

All in all, Melissa did a wonderful job, as always. Her books are great and this one lives up to her others. I've always enjoyed how she alternates the POV. Getting in the head of a new characters is always fun. I suggest reading this book! While you're at it, check out the Blue Bloods books by her!

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  1. This is a good review. I've never read Melissa de la Cruz so I'm intrigued. Yes, I know, I can't believe I haven't gotten to any of her books.