Friday, July 29, 2011

What a Friday

Today Christa and I began a monthly blog feature called "Christa Talk to the Teen". It gives people the opportunity to ask a young adult who read YA questions. It came out really nice, please go check it out! Christa is funny and wonderful, and you should go see what she has put together with me!

I must make this short because I need to throw everything into my suitcase and get in the car RIGHT NOW.

My aunt is having her baby today. She's two weeks early, so I have to quickly drive the 6 hours to her house and skip all of my plans today. I wanted to see my friend for the first time in months, but I really don't mind! I am so excited! I'll get to be with Ruby while my mom is with her mom helping her have a baby boy. I am really, really close to my aunt and am thrilled she is having another baby.

I need to go now. I won't be up there for months like I usually would be because I have classes starting soon, so I will be back home sooner this time. I actually have no idea how long I'll be there for. Probably a few days to a week.

I'll keep you posted! Let me know what you think about "Christa Talks to the Teen"!


  1. Well, I loved it. Does that count? :)

  2. I loved the interview, too. So fun to read. Thanks for doing that, Aliya.

    I hope you have a great time helping out with your cousin. Babies are wonderful! Enjoy yourself.


  3. The interview was awesome -- that was really cool of you to do that! :) And it must have been so exciting (and stressful) to have your cousin be born today. Hopefully everything went okay!