Friday, June 24, 2011

Faves of 2011 (so far) the books

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DAY ONE: the books

Many of these books go into other categories as well, but I'm trying to use each book only once (if possible) so I can mention as many different books as possible!

1. Favorite book read so far in 2011
This is hard, but I'm going with Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones and Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen. This year, so far, these are my favorites. These books speak to me. These books I can't put down. These books have stolen my heart. (The Only Alien on the Planet is still my favorite book, but I didn't read it for the first time this year)
2. Most powerful book
While I was reading Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen I wanted to get up and do somethng spontanious. It would be 1am and all I wanted to do was go out and enjoy the quiet night with someone. It made me want to do something new, something different. This book spoke to me.
3. Brilliantly funny
Maureen Johnson's 13 Little Blues Envelopes and The Last Little Blue Envelope were hilarious reads! Ginny traveled all over the place in Europe because of the little blue envelopes her dead aunt had left her. The situations and scenes were a hoot!
4. Best ache-y, heart-breaking, tear-jerker read
Winter Longing. *sigh* I was worried this book would be too sad for me to read. She finally told her friend how she felt about him and the next day he died. Tricia Mills did a great job with the emotions.
Where She Went by Gayle Forman. I'm sure you know what's going on here. I cried so many times while reading this book. What happened between Adam and Mia in the first book, If I Stay, and then you find out where they are in their lives now! Adam's struggles are heartbreaking.
5. Most beautiful story
Sarah Dessen's The Truth About Forever. *sigh* The characters and scenes in this book are lovely. It's all lovely.
6. Delicious rainy day comfort read
So Much Closer by Susane Colasanti is an enjoyable book to get sucked into. Death Cab for Cutie is my favorite band and Susane has mentioned them in one of her other book and "So Much Closer" is a line from a Death Cab song. I really like that. I always listen to music on rainy days, and I'll always listen to Death Cab while reading her books.
7. Adrenalin-fuelled, unputdownable award
Lover Unleashed by J.R. Ward has less action in it than the rest of the books in the series, but, belive me, it still has plenty of action! And, oh, I just love this series. Once I start one of the books in The Black Dagger Brotherhood series I can't stop reading until I've finished it.
This should also be my choice for series that I'm loving, but I'm choosing to give it this award instead.
8. The beautiful prose award
Yeah, yeah, I chose Shakespeare. My friend was in The Taming of the Shew and I helped her learn all of her lines. I really appreciate and love the lines in Taming, more, I'm sure, than I would have if I hadn't been helping her.
9. Most atmospheric and vivid setting
Every book in The Bride Quartet painted beautiful wedding scenes. I couldn't help but imagine how I might want my own wedding to be. The house and grounds sounded incredible, so did the beach. The cakes, the flowers, everything combined to make a beautiful picture. I now appreciate all the hard work planning a wedding is.
10. I-so-want-to-go-there award
Who wouldn't want to enter a favorite childhood story? I mean, I don't want to be turned into a beast! But, come on, don't tell me you didn't fall for Kyle in this book. And, really, to be part of a childhood story!
11. Most original and imaginative
I know there are several books written in Tweets by now, but this was my first one. I read it because I was writing a paper for my English class on Twitter. Writing that paper is what got me to start blogging and Tweeting. The style felt very new and creative to me.
12. Best under-appreciated, hidden gem book
I won Calling for Angels by Alex Smith from LibraryThing Early Reviewers. It was really good! Alex Smith is a very young author and it was inspiring to read her book.
13. I-had-no-idea-I-would-love this-so award
Zombies Vs. Unicorns by Holly Black and Justine Larbalestier
This was NOT a book I had any intention to read. My sisters know I used to love unicorns, so they me this book for Christmas, and I'm so glad they did! The book is hilarious, dark, and just plain WRONG at times.
14. Most haunting story
I didn't read very many "haunting" books, in my opinion. The entire time I read Cryer's Cross by Lisa McMann I kept thinking "This is awful! Give me more." The missing people, her "boyfriend" being one of the missing people, what she's going through with the desk, her OCD struggles, THE END. Good, creepy stuff.
15. Outside my comfort zone but gosh how I loved it
The only book that I can think of that might be "outside my comfort zone" is Christa Desir's book Manhole. I beta read it. I don't usually read books with topics very "serious" or "difficult" like Manhole. It's about a rape victim. I only read books that I want to read, so why would I have books "outside my comfort zone"? This is the closest I've got to that. It's great!
16. Series that I'm loving
I've lost track of how many Argeneau Vampire books there are. Lynsay Sands keeps writing them, and I keep reading them! The series is sexy and full of action! Reluctant Vampire is the newest Argeneau Vampire book out.
17. Most memorable voice award
There is no way I could NOT use Where She Went by Gayle Forman for both tear-jerker award and memorable voice award. The voice and the feelings were... intense, and, yes, memorable. Captivating.
18. Completely awesome premise award
In The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson Jack the Ripper is back! How awesome is that? The whole idea of the book is great, and then the book itself is GREAT!
19. Would make the best movie
I've read several books this year that HAVE been turned into movies, but I'd say Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen would be the one I'd most like to see as a movie (aside from the ones that already are). The emotions and scenes would work great in movie form!
20. Want to re-read already
As soon as I finished Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones I wanted to re-read it and be in the world all over again. Oh, Howl...
Every book I have read by Jennifer Echols I have re-read and always want to re-read again. Endless Summer is no exception. What a great summer read, I know I'll take it to the beach with me next month!


  1. You're a BDB fan! I absolutely love those books! :) Cryer's Cross is a haunting story! I forgot about it! :)

  2. If you liked Goodnight, Tweetheart for its unique premise, you would most likely love Life on the Refrigerator Door by Alice Kuipers, it's written through refrigerator notes and it's really a great story :D

    This is a great idea you did, those books were definitely awesome and deserving of each award :D

  3. Yay for Howl's Moving Castle - that's my fave Diana Wynne Jones book! So unique and quirky and generally fantastic.

  4. oh i ABSOLUTELY LOVE the only alien on the planet (!) i read it for the first time last year ~ it was intense and beautiful O.o

    anyways, thanks for joining in :)

    and i love this list and really think LOCK & KEY would make a gorgeous movie as well :)

    x Nomes

  5. Awesome list! I loved The Truth About Forever. I've read some of Dessen's other ones, but not the others you mentioned. I have to get on that. And Shakespeare can be so hard to read - it's great how much you found you love it by helping your friend.

  6. I've been meaning to read Howl's and Tweetheart :)

  7. I love the contemps in this list!

    Mary (mfay2) @ Anxirium

  8. Imagine like an award show but for book and the diferent categories. The tear jerker award goes to... Where She Went! Haha. I love that book, so much. I love Along for the Ride too. Thanks for the comment on my blog.

    - Mary (mfay2) @ Anxirium