Saturday, June 4, 2011

Review: The Truth About Forever

Title: The Truth About Forever

Author: Sarah Dessen

Date Published: 11 May 2004

Publisher: Viking Juvenile

My Summary

Macy strives to be perfect. Perfect grades, a perfect job at the library, and Jason, the perfect boyfriend. After her father died in front of her she has aimed to be in control, control of her emotions and her life. But when her boyfriend goes away for the summer, her sister starts fixing up the beach house, and she starts a choatic job catering emotions she buried come to the surface. Macy's new friends at the catering job are far from perfect, but they teach her that it isn't a bad thing. Along with their help, and especially from the help of Wes, an artistic boy with a troubled past of his own, she learns to live in the moment.

My Thoughts

Sarah Dessen, Sarah Dessen, how happy you make me.

I usually don't want to read books that have heartaches from deaths, I prefer the romance in stories. Sarah Dessen is changing that. Macy's Dad's death is sad, but it isn't the only focus, there is a romance, there is family trouble, there are evolving friendships and Macy's personal changes. The book is well balanced in a way that kept me hooked until I finished it. Sarah Dessen leaves mysteries through the whole book. I'll note a mystery in the beginning and middle and know that I'll have to wait a while to get the answer and it leaves me thrilled to hear the conclusion because they are PERFECT build ups to emotional events.

Macy is a wonderful character. Her fears, thoughts and reactions are all realistic. I found myself relating to her opinions. The book heavily relied on character development, and it was well done. The changes in Macy's family were sad and happy and made me leak some tears for them. Wes, ah, Wes... Bit of bad boy and sweet older brother and great, great guy. He does have the whole troubled artist thing going for him. All of the characters were substantial with their own ways of reacting and speaking and problems they struggled through. But through all the character intensity it felt smooth and easy, rather than leaving me overwhelmed.

Every time I read a book by Sarah Dessen I am in awe by her style and smooth writing and the way her characters are so REAL. No one writes like her. I'm picky with dialogue, and her dialogue is the ideal dialogue any writer aims for.


  1. I loved this one too, but my heart belongs to DREAMLAND as my fave Sarah D. book. It's dark but so very very good.

  2. Everyone tells me Dreamland is their least favorite because it's TOO dark. But I'm starting to like dark. I'll see about trying that one out.