Friday, June 17, 2011

Ramblings About the Trip

Hello! I am here to tell you about how busy I am. That I don't have the time to write blogs posts, which I am unhappy about because I only just started blogging! Now I will ramble about my busy trip.

I came to Erie, Pennsylvania about two and a half weeks ago, the end of May. I will not be coming home to Maryland until the 4th of July weekend. I have a lot of family up here, and my pregnant aunt is a kindergarten teacher (actually, I have two aunts who work in the kindergarten wing of the school... Plus, many friends there.), so I am helping her close her classroom since she will be taking the next two years off to be with her children. When she had the first kid, Ruby, I came to stay for a month each visit every six months or so. Sometimes I stay longer. I love it up here! I have cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents. I get passed around and enjoy everyone's company. I babysit, I go to the Amish auction with Nana, I take kids on bike rides. But, mostly, I stay with my aunt Amy and cousin Ruby.
Here's a some stuff I've been up to.

Kildaer nest
There's a kildaer nest at the farm (where my grandparents live), and kildaer are birds. They lay eggs in gravel or dirt. The mothers run away from the nest and ruffle their wings and act as though they're hurt to distract you from the nest. Don't let this fool you, they are very stupid. We have some hatched kildaer at Amy's house and they will be chased down the very long driveway and into the road before they will go into the grass. I have a picture of the nest!
Weirdly enough, a deer was walking around the house on a Saturday afternoon. It appeared confused. Wasn't eating, just walking around. A couple hours later, still too early for it to be out, the deer was back!
The oddest animal came the next morning when we looked outside at 10am and saw a coyote! My uncle Michael got excited and opened the door, and then he ran upstairs to grab his gun, but he had already scared it off. We explained to the 3 year-old cousin that they are not dogs, and coyotes are mean, STAY AWAY. That evening I was in the graveyard with Amy and Ruby where my friend Caleb picked me up (Caleb is my only friend around here my age. I hang with his Mom, too.) We came back to the house, and then got a call from Amy saying the coyote was in the yard staring at her. She ran up a neighbors driveway (really long driveways) and we went outside. Michael had his gun. He took a shot at it! Though, he missed. It was very exciting!
Also, there was a raccoon on the deck, again, in the afternoon. Ruby calls them catroons. What's with these animals being out in the middle of the day?! Enough about the animals.

Lake Erie

Ruby in Lake Erie

I've been going to the lake. It's freezing! That doesn't stop the little kids, or me. I also go hunting for sea glass, surprisingly, there is quite a bit to be found.

The first week of being here I completely packed Amy's classroom. She was still teaching, and the kids were already familiar with me since I come and help at the school when I can, so they were hanging all over me while I packed.
All I want to do is help when I'm here. If anyone is going anywhere I always volunteer to join them. Not usually the case at home. When I do spend time reading or on the computer I feel that I should be spending time with someone. I end up with little time to write blogs and such.
And then, on Monday, I got sick. Headache, stomachache, stuffy nose, sore throat, too tired to do anything but lay in bed watching TV and sleeping. Miserable for a couple days in which I rarely left my bed. I missed Waiting on Wednesday, too. Thankfully, I'm feeling better now!

Today I went to the Amish auction! I love going there. My Nana and I get to spend time together and they have fresh donuts! Everything is better Amish made. Nice people over there. The guy sounds like he's yodeling as he auctions off plants and veggies and fruits and flowers. It's a neat experience.

Anyhoot, I believe I am done rambling. I should go play with my cousins, Emmy and Brother, since they're over here to play. I think we'll go drive the mule around! By the way, the mule is similar to a mini jeep, not an animal. Though, there are horses here.
How is everyone? What's new?

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  1. No wonder you could write me your beta thoughts on a Friday night!!! You are surrounded by kidlets!