Saturday, June 25, 2011

Review: What Happened to Goodbye

Title: What Happened to Goodbye
Author: Sarah Dessen
Release Date: 10 May 2011
Publisher: Viking Juvenile
Pages: 402

My Summary

Mclean Sweet and her father need a change after her mother ruins both of their lives and love for basketball when she leaves them for their favorite team's coach. Now she has a new life herself, and twins, but she still won't leave Mclean alone. Mclean has had 4 identities in 2 years. First their is the old Mclean, but then she was Eliza, Beth and Lizbet. Now she's relocating again and instead of being Liz as she intended to be, she has accidently ended up Mclean. After being so many different people, how can she be herself? Instead of carefully choosing her friends her friends of chosen her, and then there's Dave. Smart Dave with his strict parents and a love, and no talen, for basketball. After picking up and leaving so many people and places, is it possible for her to want to stay?

My Thoughts

*sighs* This book makes me smile. It wasn't an in your face I HAVE PROBLEMS kind of story, which made it suble, but when you sit back and think about how she changed her identity so many times and how she isn't comfortable being herself if appears more glaring. While reading it, though, the story is so smooth and you get wrapped up in the scenes and her life and you understand why she has changed herself so many times. I could relate to the way she treated her mother. Yes, teenagers rebel, but when a parent cheats it hurts the kids and makes them hate their parents sometimes. The plot and situations were all wonderful, realistic, and captivating.

Mclean isn't shy, or even quiet, but she thinks things through a lot and doesn't say what's on her mind. It's easy to understand her and sympathize with her. She's a great main character, I liked hearing everything from her point of view. Dave made me smile and laugh. I love his humor and just the way he is. He's kind of goofy and extremely smart. Adorable. I actually REALLY liked Deb! She made me laugh quite a few times. I want to hear what her story is. About her growing up. Sarah Dessen creates the most incredible characters.

As I read Sarah Dessen's writing I am constantly thinking about being able to write as she does and create these struggling, real, characters and scenes, and how satisfying and empowering it would feel to have made such a world. Her writing makes me want to create the way she does. It's beautiful. I can't imagine writing being more appealing. I ACHE to create as she does.


  1. This is great and makes me want to read this. I like Sarah Dessen, but I particularly like when she pushes her own boundaries and writes out of her comfort zone. I think I've mentioned Dreamland to you, yes?

  2. I'm really excited to read this book! Great review! :)

    Em ~ Book Angel

  3. I love Sarah Dessen!! Good Reveiw :)