Saturday, October 1, 2011

Halloween Excitement

I know I haven't been around lately, but I'm going to be here more than ever now! All this month me and Tiffany at "perfectly" Inked! will be blogging about Halloween. Each week we'll feature a new creature. We'll have giveaways with books and swag, reviews, interviews, and more! All of it featuring the creature(s) of the week.
We would love it if anyone would like to join us and do posts about the creatures! If you post anything about them let me or Tiffany know and we'll share a link to your posts. Plus, if you blog about the creature you can get extra entires in our giveaways.
The creatures will be announced every Monday and we'll blog about them all week. The first one will be announced Monday October 3rd.
I don't have any questions prepared yet, but if you want to take a shot at guessing the creature that comes in two days I'd love to hear what you can come up with!
Are you ready for October?!

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